Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Wonderful City of Lights...

I'm back from beautiful Paris and it has
exceeded all of my expectations and then some!
I had a really wonderful time, despite the really frigid temperatures. As we came in to the city for the first time it snowed! So I actually got to see two things I never get to see all at once. I managed to take 500 pictures, don't worry I will not be posting them all, but it will take me two or three posts to show you the best pictures I captured of this fantastic place and this incredible experience.
The beautiful Eiffel at night.

I was FREEZING!!!! But it was worth it.

 One of my favorite stops, the one and only Notre Dame Cathedral...

The entrance to the Cathedral was so big...I took a picture of my little niece in front of the entrance to show the grand scale of this exquisite masterpiece.

Inside the cathedral.

Come visit me on my next post, I will be posting more pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triumph, some of the great food we enjoyed, and some incredible flea market finds I scored on my last day in the city...and I want to share a special find for my vintage postcard blogger friends!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beautiful Trier...

The grand entrance to downtown Trier...
...the Porta Nigra, an old Roman fortress. Trier is the oldest city in Germany, dating way back to the Roman times. This beautiful town is truly a historical landmark!

We had great food from the outdoor village vendors.
Delicious galettes with homemade applesauce for dipping...

Marinated mushrooms topped with a delicious cream sauce...the ultimate comfort food!

 My hubby eating a traditional bratwurst...

 Ahhh....dessert! My cute niece's favorite part of our German fare grazing.

All the architecture was so darn beautiful, right down to the corners of the buildings!

Dom Cathedral...Breathtakingly beautiful!

My hubby, the musician, really appreciated the largest church pipe organ we had ever seen...

Beautiful statues at the Bascillica...

The streets of Trier at night..

look what I found at the prettiest little antique store right near the Bascillica...
...beautiful old rosaries with brown wooden beads and pretty crosses. The rosary on the left has an old medal from Trier attatched to it, which I thought made it a perfect memento of our trip!  

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my beautiful blog friends! Thank you for your visits and comments and I hope you have a day filled with great food, beautiful memories, and cherished loved ones!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Magical Place...

Our first day in Germany and we spent it in this beautiful little old village that looks like it belonged in a fairytale, complete with it's own castle on a hill, Bernkasel was a special, special place to experience!!!

Lookout Europe, the tourists have landed!!!
My adorable niece Camryn, my sister Catherine, the 'Real Air Force Housewife', and myself (sticking out like a sore thumb) on the nostalgic paths of Bernkasel village.

Bernkasel at dusk....

Camryn with her first tasting of 'bubble milk'
Bubble milk was yummy! It was steamed warm milk with bubble gum flavored syrup and pretty colored candy sprinkles on top. It was soooo delicious!!!
No sign of any vintage jewelry yet, but believe me, I'm looking! Tomorrow may prove promising, we're going to another little village called Trier. Stay tuned,  pictures are coming and I'll fill you in if I score any cool old pieces of jewelry!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Santa Comes Early...

One more post before I am off to Europe for 10 glorious days of weinerschnitzel, loved ones, and fromage. (and not neccesarily in that order) I wanted to leave you with the new pics of this week's buckle bracelet and also show you what Santa dropped off to me, just in time for the trip! I also wanted to let you know, I will be making posts while I am gone so stay tuned here for some pictures of the German and French countryside in the coming days. This is definitely a trip of a lifetime and I will be documenting every second of it!

Buckle bracelet of the week is the 
Art Deco and French Buckle Bracelet...I made this piece using vintage art deco rhinestone dress clips, an antique French cut steel buckle, and an old metal numbered seat tag. It's a really unique and fun bracelet!

And now for the really good stuff...Santa pulled through this year and brought me this sweet baby...

Eiffel Tower here I come!!!!!
Woo Hoo! ( I promise I won't say that when I get to Paris, lol).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bienvenue Vintage Home...

Last month I featured one of the store locations, where my jewelry is on display and for sale, Antiques on Holiday...well this month I am featuring another location, "Bienvenue Vintage Home". I only have one shelf of jewelry here, but the location is quite fabulous! I am right beside the entrance way, so everyone can see my display as they are walking in and out of the front door. Too cool, n'est-ce pas???? I love being in this location, because the prices are great on all of their vintage finds and the staff is really friendly. Stop by if you get a chance, and take a look around. Their location is 11840 Hwy. 98, Destin Florida (across from Seascape Resort) and there is plenty of feast for the eye, like these cool old guys that just came in....

My jewelry shelf at Bienvenue... Small display but lots to see!

I have just added some of my new gift certificates to my Etsy store just in time for the holidays. They will be available for purchase in $25, $50, and $100 increments. If you would like one for that someone special that loves vintage, one of a kind jewelry, you can purchase one through my Etsy store or just feel free to email me here through my blog. All of my orders come custom wrapped and ready to give as beautiful gift for Christmas or any special occasion!

Ont une bonne journée!!!
(just getting some practice in for my upcoming trip to PARIS! Because
the excitement is fiercly setting in!!!)