Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sweet Wrist Jewels...

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by today. My small bracelet collection has sold out for this weekend's jewelry drop...but I wanted to take a second to explain to you how to get first dibs on any of  my latest designs or similar pieces that you see here. Lately my pieces have been selling out before they make it to Etsy. Etsy is the last place they land due to Etsy's ever escalating fees and their lack of service for those fees. So, every weekend I debut them first over in my Instagram shop, and for the basic reason that it is so much easier and so much faster to click a picture with my phone and upload the pieces to that particular platform. When listing new pieces over in Etsy, it usually takes hours upon hours to edit and upload pictures, descriptions of items and item tagging info. So please, if you see a piece you like or have liked in the past, please come and visit me over on my Instagram page. Here is a direct link to my Insatgram shop:  and I also offer better deals over there in most cases as I am not incurring shop fees on that platform. I am always hanging out over on my IG platform so there is always a way to reach out to me there and get a response very quick. Also, if you have seen something that you have liked in the past and missed out on it, do, please reach out to me and see if I might be able to re-create it. In most cases I have additional or similar items to come very close to re-creating the original...this always poses such a fun challenge for me and I really do enjoy doing it.

On another note, getting ready to leave my happy place for a couple of weeks to take care of some important business stuff, so I will be taking the next couple of weekends off from the bench. But, I promise to be back the first week in July with some new bejeweled, bedazzled beauties! And that exciting annual summer gem show is coming up again next month, so I will have lots of new goodies to offer from that too. If you are looking for something in particular or special, give me a shout out, and I will be happy to be on the lookout for it for you. 

Rainbow watching from 4200 feet.🌈

 Have a great week everyone!

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