Sunday, May 15, 2022

New Collection Of Spring Treats...

Hello jewelry lovers! My newest collection for this weekend features some delightful little Spring trinkets and the perfect pair of earrings for the gardener or the garden lover featuring a vintage pair of rhinestone snails.

As of blog press time, all 3 pair of earrings have sold, but both necklaces are still available. The necklace on the bottom features a stunning vintage 1962 lion medallion from Lyon France. It's such a cool old piece, and the bird just above it touts some beautiful chain draping accents. The bird is a vintage 50's-60's chrome brooch and makes the perfect centerpiece for this one of a kind necklace. Come on and follow me over on IG where I will be featuring some detailed video and photographs of these two new necklaces. Click on the highlighted (IG) letters in this paragraph to take you straight to my Instagram homepage. 
Hope to see you over there. 
Have a great rest of your weekend friends!


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