Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Beautiful French Bounty

My awesome and most kind friend, Misty has made yet another trip to Europe and look at what she has brought me back from the Paris flea markets... a beautiful bounty of one of a kind treasures! What an incredible friend to go shopping for me, in a foreign country. I know it is probably hard enough to buy what she needs for her big and beautiful antique store, much less to have and worry about my needs. Well, I have to thank her from the bottom of my heart that she was thoughtful enough to do this for me...
Thank You sweet Misty!!!

One of my favorite things she brought back for me is that extra large mother of pearl rosary, and the carved jet Victorian brooch, and the Lourdes rosary center that used to contain water from the sacred place itself, and the...oh I love it ALL! Isn't it a great bounty!

The mother of pearl rosary is the largest one I have ever seen!

The silver slide locket to the right side of the picture has the most amazing color of old velvet inside, moss green. I think I was more hypnotized by that feature than the locket itself!

This little sparkly batch came from an old French theatre. How cool is that? The gold pieces to the right were French belts that the actors would use in their performances. I plan to make earrings with the individual panels. I have enough to make several pair, let me know if you would like me to custom design you a pair!

Those two sparkly pieces are also drop dead gorgeous! Really not sure what the large prong set crystal star was used for in the theater, but it is breathtaking! And of course the glittery little rhinestone star collar is a wonderful costume piece!

Here are some of my latest designs, with all of the October birthdays in my family, I haven't had time to do much creating, but here's what I've manage to fit in to my design agenda lately...

 "Mary's Window of Opportunity" necklace.
I just LOVE these old statue reliquaries. This is one of the prettiest little statuettes and glass case I have ever seen! If you look closely at the bottom of the statue, it looks like Mother Mary is standing in a cloud. So Cool!!! This necklace is hard not to keep for myself. (LOL)

The necklace above was specifially designed for my stepmother for her birthday (yes another October birthday). When I was out antiquing a few weeks ago, I just so happen to find one of those old script pins with her name inscribed in it. I knew when I saw it I just had to make her a necklace for her birthday with it...Divine intervention,
 I guess...

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Trishia said...

Christine, I'm think you're imposing on your friend's generosity way too much. The answer is very simple: we need to go to Paris and do our own shopping!ha!!! Don't you wish?!!:)
LUV that blue chunk the Virgin Mary is displayed against.