Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Trip...

Bonjour mes amis! I am finally getting a little break from all the summer craziness. The hubby and I and our three unruly, furry children are taking a few days to visit our friends up in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. I absolutely love it up there and am looking forward to visiting old friends.
That crazy green netting is a hammock that is a makeshift barrier to keep the kids out of our laps on the long journey. ( I know, they should be in kid carriers, but I didn't have the heart to put them in a carrier for eight hours so we drove very carefully :~).

That's my hubby doing all of the hard work, Driving!  He so needed  this vacay too!!!

That's sweet Milo trying to break through the barrier. Milo likes to always see where he is going and not where he has been! (lol)

...and my little Pom "Bear" trying to get in my lap. He's a lap dog and proud of it!!!

 I did manage to get a few pieces finished before I left and they will be going to Etsy tonight....
 "The Secret Society Locket" Necklace

I call the necklace this because of the mysterious association engraved on the reverse of the locket. There's
a picture of the engraving below the sparrows.

Below are the "Sparrows of India" Earrings. The old brass engraved panels from India accented with old rhinestones make these earrings unique and stand out in a crowd....

My friends, I will meet you back here in a couple of days with all of my vacation pictures. I plan on doing some antiquing too, so I will show you what I dig up!! Have a great week!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Awww! look at those sweet furbaby faces. :D
More beautiful creations! As soon as I started to work on a necklace this afternoon, a storm rolled thru and we lost power for a while.
Have a fun and safe trip/vacation. Can't wait to receive the necklace.

lorraine said...

Milo is a cute. Love the new pieces.
have a super time while you relax.

Anonymous said...

i'm abbie claire biggs.
i love those adorably little puppies!
and those CUTE earrings! i love the
little birds you put on them! SOO CUTE! XD

Catherine said...