Monday, September 16, 2013

A Work In Progress..

Hi everyone, I have just returned from my "happy place" and oh happy joy we managed to get so much finished on our new mountain 'chalet'. There is still so much left to do, but some major milestones were made on our huge cabin remodel. There is a complete overhaul of the interior going on here and lots of hard work but it will be so worth all of the effort when finished. Here is a little peek of some 'before' and 'after' pics. I am not showing every 'before' picture, because in all honesty, some of the previous owner's interiors were just plain hideous! LOL
Here's a peek at the 'before'....

...nice vinyl floors, right????  NOT....

Look at the looks as if it had never been cleaned.
(I'm willing to wager that it had not ever been :-)
...gorgeous blue 80's Berber carpet :-/...(with a hint of sarcasm mixed in)

...and, someone before us had a serious penchant for wallpaper and birdhouses...

...and let me just was not fun removing each and every one of them!

The 'After'....

...still trying to decide if I am going to pickle finish the brown cabinets. I really want to...that is, if I can win my husband over on the idea.
 first experience hanging wallpaper...

.....Not very fun, but so worth the end result!

Still lots to do... like install the roman blinds, hang the over the oven microwave, add a few more pieces of furniture and the most important thing...hang a chandelier! All chalet's need a
chandelier, right?
Will post more pictures right here as we put the finishing touches on the place. My goal is to be finished by November.
Oh, and be sure to stop back by this weekend and check out the new jewels I have coming up. They will be part of my new "Vintage Europe-Fall" collection and I am so excited to debut them right here.
See you soon and thanks for stopping by!!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place! The "afters" are amazing! So happy for you Christine.


Rhonda said...

Okay, Sophie and I are packing our bags! Beautiful renovation and your floors made me gasp, perfect color! Love your chalet mon amie.