Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Productive Past Week....

I finally found enough time this past week to work out in my yard and enjoy some of this nice, cool Spring weather we were having. I fertilized my palms...which is quite a daunting task considering we have 12 of them. (Yes,....12!) And am happy to report...I cleaned out all of my flower beds. I also was able to get a little critter watching in too!

Also this past week....
The hubby and I were finally able to try our new little local and very authentic Mexican cafe...

Shannon had the steak tacos and I had the "La Mexicana" authentic style Mexican sandwich served with lots of fresh veggies and jalapenos (my favorite).

Shannon and I were also able to finish my bedroom headboard project...

That gorgeous cornice above the bed was designed by myself and fabricated by my favorite local furniture designers Marisol and Tony Gullo of "Shabby Chic Boutique". They did a fabulous job making my dream bed come to life, I am so happy with the finished result. The piece was so heavy it took three people to hang it on the wall. 

The beautiful vintage silk drapery I hung from the piece came from an English estate that my friend Misty had brought over from one of her buying trips a couple of years ago.....I had been hoarding them for a very special project such as this one. 

Doesn't this look gorgeous all lit up with the accent lighting? Now, must get some new bedding, maybe some French linens, perhaps?

And I also acquired an old French painting this past week.....

Isn't it lovely? When I look into it, it transports me to another place and time. I think it looks a lot like the Gardens of Versailles. That was the very main reason why I fell in love with it. What place does it resemble to you?

I was also able to finish a few Spring inspired pieces this past week
They will all be available tonight in my Etsy shop....

So that's my past week in pictures! 
How was your week? Hope you had a great one with lots of accomplishments and creative time 
squeezed in.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Really like the cornice board - very elegant looking.
Looks like a yummy lunch, and sounds and looks like you have accomplished a lot.
Got a few things accomplished this past week, but should have done more.

Rhonda said...

Oh, I would kill for a painting like that, what an incredible find. I know in my head what I want and I never ever see paintings like this.
It's gorgeous, Christine. It does remind me of Versailles. Truly does.

Your cornice is amazing, too. Don't you just love it when fabric you've put away comes to life?

Ooh, this post renders another reading, it's so full of goodies.