Sunday, February 4, 2018

RollerCoaster Week...

It's been a real roller-coaster week of emotion for me this week, and I am so amazed that I was able to get anything done. I've been having some family drama and also have had a real special friend passed away this week at a very young none the less, it has been a roller-coaster of emotion happening for me...sometimes life throws everything at ya at once and it's difficult to find creativity. This week was one of those times! I have managed to create a few things for this week's shop offerings...a couple of them have sold but there will still be a couple of pieces headed to the shop. Feel free to email me if anything captures your fascination.

...I also manged to get some pieces finished for my local shops around town. The gals around here love their I have had to find a way to implement them with my vintage pieces and not be too "beachy". These bracelets will not be going to my shop, but if you see any that strike your fancy let me know and I will send you some details on them. I will leave them for open availability to all of my shop and blog friends.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone! And remember, to hug those friends and family tight when you see them....Precious Life is fleeting!

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