Sunday, April 28, 2019

A Beautiful Send-Off...

Hello my friends! I've had a whirlwind week these past several days...we sent my beloved 95 year old grandfather to his final resting place in a beautiful, most dignified military burial on Thursday. The family was so content that we could honor and fulfill all of his final wishes on the final day of his life-long journey. He was truly an amazing man and the wonderful patriarch of our family. I will miss him dearly, but I take comfort that he is re-united with his loved ones and those he cherished that have gone before.

There are also some new pieces coming this and creating really does rescue one's soul from heartache...I was able to sit down at the bench this past week and churn out some new earrings and a couple of old velvet ring boxes for this week's jewelry shop drop. Here's a preview of what's coming today...

As of blog post time...a couple of these pieces have sure to connect with me here or on IG if anything should catch your eye before they head to Etsy. I do have several pieces that are still available.
Have a wonderful week ahead my friends!

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