Sunday, August 30, 2020

Earring Heaven...

Hello friends, so sorry to be posting so late inner obsessive, compulsive, perfectionist got me this morning and captured me into re-structuring a couple of pair of earrings from the big ear bauble collection I have for this weekend. Some of these have sold at blog press time, but there will be four new pair in this batch headed to Etsy early this evening. 

One more goal for the remainder of this year is to slowly move my shop away from Etsy. I'm going to try to head into a different platform so as to get away from their ever increasing fees and a few other unnerving reasons that I won't go into detail in right now. But with all that said, I will have a more growing presence over on Instagram and am usually always available there first for questions or to claim a piece from the weekends current collections. So keep tuned in here on my blog and over at IG and I will let you know about the new shop platform first. Thanks everyone, for your always earnest interest in my creations! See you back here real soon!


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