Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Angels and Warriors

I love jewelry inspired by powerful and spellbinding things...and two of those beautiful things I'm obsessed with these days are angels (they are walking amongst us here on earth) and warriors, (incredible people in our everyday lives that power through something extraordinary on a daily basis). My current designs of late, pictured here on this post, are pieces dedicated to the valiant and wonderful existence of
warriors and angels...
 "Warriors Keepsake Necklace" is made with a beautiful antique chain-maille purse I found on my recent trip to Paris. I stuffed the little purse with a copy of a vintage Jeanne D'Arc postcard and fastened a vintage French Jeanne D'Arc Pin to the outside of it. Who better to design a necklace in the image of than Jeanne D'Arc? She was, after all, one of the world's most ultimate warriors!

The earrings below were designed around the little sillhouette's of Jeanne D'Arc. I called them "The Angels Have Spoken" because of the little sterling angels that floated just above her head. These earrings have already sold in my Etsy store, but they went to the home of a true 'warrior of life'.

I used more angels in this vintage Czech Bouquet Bracelet. The bracelet is designed around the fabulous vintage Czech rhinestone and brass floral brooch, accented with a bronze crucifix and angels, real emeralds, and a sweet little Victorian paste brooch serves as the clasp...

"Jeanne" earrings are designed with multi colors of tourmaline and vintage mother of pearl briolettes and are in honor of the fabulous Jeanne D'Arc again...

My very latest creation is not about angels or warriors, but another creature I love dearly...Birds! You will see alot of nature in my pieces and especially birds, they just sing to my Heart!!!! This is "A Starling's Pouch" necklace. I designed it to be worn long or doubled and it is a absolute one-of-a-kind piece. I found the beautiful old bird brooch on my trip to Paris, and it has been terribly hard to part with. But I have to make room for more stuff, because the annual antique show is coming up this weekend.( Lookout Mastercard, you're gonna get a workout this weekend!!!)(LOL)

Remember this piece that I created for a gentelman's lapel a few weeks ago????? Well you need to see this piece on the stylish gentleman who I designed it for. It is stunning and headturning on him to say the least! His name is Judson and he has posted it here: on his very cool blog. Go check it out, because he looks great wearing it and the photographer who took the pictures was incredible too!

Just one more reminder about the bracelet giveaway. Post a comment anywhere here on my blog, about anything you want, to qualify to be put in the drawing. I will be selecting the winner on next week's post. I can't wait to send this bracelet out to a very desrving home.


Trishia said...

Christine, I visited Judson's site and saw the pics of your 'manly jewelry.' very debonair! So perfectly masculine and yet...the underlying feminine grace of curves. Ying-yang perfection? I agree with Judson about how you can take the simplest look and dress it up with something classic, rich, unique [i.e. YOUR jewelry]. I wish I could afford someone like him for 24 hours to pick me out 3-5 outfits. That's all I need. I wear the same things over and over and over:) At my age, I go for comfort and don't ever ask me to give up my jeans:) But...clothes shopping makes me have a hot flash!ha! I at least try to combat my 50-something dowdy look with an interesting scarf wrap:)

Howlerpost said...

Greetings to you. I followed your ETSY store to your blog and have since added you to my reader. Its wonderful to see these pieces you've created and to note the sentimental stories behind each one. I am a new customer for sure, just trying to let it all "settle in" so I can choose a favorite.

lorraine said...

Christine...They are all my favorites...but you really surpassed the top pf the mark, with your Warrior and Angels necklace...Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just saw your lapel pin on Judson and he looks so great wearing it. You did a fabulous job on that piece!