Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keeping Busy...

Here are a few things I have been working on lately as I battle the winter blues and an oncoming cold...

I have been so fortunate lately in the fact that I have had several custom orders. Here is how they turned out...

A beautiful old enamel brooch, designed for a man's lapel,

I knew all of those initial brooches that I had stashed would come in handy one day! Here is a custom bracelet for a mother to give her daughter for her birthday. Isn't that tiny little cameo the cutest thing???

 And the most gorgeous turn of the century slide locket turned into a necklace.Cool thing about this piece is you can wear it doubled or long for two different looks. This was designed for the lady who commissioned me to create jewelry for her daughter's Art Deco wedding party.

This little ring is so simple, but yet so elegant. These little rings are only available through my blog or my local store locations. The little cross charm has a little tee-niney St. Joseph medal on the reverse of it. I've seen alot of religious medals in my day,but never one like this petite little piece.

The bracelet above is called the "French Flowers Bangle" and is made with vintage rhinestones and an old signed French industry medal with the date 1932 inscribed on it. I really just LOVE old pieces with dates actually inscribed on them!

The "Love Notes" necklace is made with the old Victorian sterling notepad that I found on my recent trip to the Paris flea markets. I accented it with fabulous old Art Deco rhinestones and a sterling hand-wrought chain. Both of these pieces can be found in my Etsy store. There are more pictures of them there too!

The "Royal Dove" earrings are not vintage but I just had to post them because they are just full of that old world charm that I love. They are not available on Etsy, just through me or my local stores.

Another pair of earrings loaded with chains! I have been on a tear with those chains lately. I get on a kick and I just can't quit! (HeeHee)

Another reminder about my bracelet giveaway, just two more weeks and I will be picking the winner. All you have to do is leave a comment anywhere on my blog about any blog post you want. Your name will be put in a hat and I will draw. It's a good old-fashioned hat pickin' and all of you anonymous people out there, make sure you leave your name at the bottom of your comment so I can include you too!


Cool Schmool said...

how much do your rings typically go for???
the one you posted here is very lovely.

Christine Wallace said...

Hello Sar Sar,
They are $32 and you choose what type of charm you like. I have hundreds of different old charms to choose from. Thank you for inquiring!

Judson Aikens said...

Hi Christine,

I adore "Love Notes" in this blog posting and I love the photos of the beautiful pin you made for my lapel. Can't wait for many more wonderful pieces in the future. Thanks for being so wonderful to work with and for creating such beauty.


Trishia said...

Christine, I just have to comment on how I love the way you display your jewelery -- draped on the large white wire ball, the Paris antique book .... Very Nice!!