Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Designs...

New spring designs are in full swing here at the Wallace homefront. Here are some pretties I will be listing this evening in my Etsy shop...
The "Holy Heart of Mary" necklace is a multistrand feast for the eyes with it's big beautiful rhinestone clasp and the handmade vintage glass reliquary as it's centerpiece. I actually made the vintage French prayer card inside the reliquary casing  three dimensional so Mary's face 'comes to life'. It was such fun to hand-make the contents of this little reliquary that I will be making several more for my upcoming spring designs.

This sweet little enamel vintage butterfly bracelet put my spring fever into overdrive. I've always had a special place in my heart for butterflies! This one is so feminine and detailed so I accented it with beautifully detailed Victorian elements, pearls and green onyx.

"Casting Stones" earrings are made with multi faceted gemstones and vintage filagree discs. When the light hits them just right, a glowing rainbow of color shines through.

This is the back of the Holy Heart of Mary necklace. It is so pretty that you can literally wear it facing the front. Two necklaces in one!!!!!

Stay tuned, next post I will share with you some of my personal vintage jewelry collection. I have been collecting old jewelry for about 15 years now and my gatherings have become quite extensive and interesting. So next time I post you can take a peek into my vintage jewelry box!!!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a beautiful creation!

lorraine said...

Christine....the "Holy Heart of Mary" more than is absolutely fantastic!!!!!
Can hardly wait to see what you have in your vintage treasure chest.

Christine Wallace said...

Thank you Glenda and Lorraine for such kind words of encouragement!!!