Friday, May 6, 2011

A Bountiful Voyage...

Well, I must begin today's post by apologizing to all of you in Blog ville for not being more efficient in my posting for the past several days. I have been moving one of my retail spaces where I sell my jewelry and it has been one daunting and 'not so fun' project. I would much rather be here blogging or making beautiful jeweled adornments for the eye and soul!!! But I do have to stop for a moment and share with you some of the incredible pieces my dear friend Misty has brought me back from her recent trip to Paris. I just picked them up yesterday and you will be seeing these beautiful baubles in my summer designs.
 How wonderful is that, to have a friend that will go and "Pick" for me in France? The only thing that could be better than that is going myself, right?

 Vintage French Embroidery...Yummy!!!!

 Lots of old mother of fave!

A handpainted Eiffel Tower brooch...Sweet!

 Marcasite birds...Love!!!
And their are several more vintage Parisian souvenir books loaded with old pictures, coming in with this batch also. Let me know if you see anything that you would like to have custom made just for you!

My favorite thing she brought back and making an immediate detour to my jewelry box (lol), is this gorgeous turn of the century nun's rosary complete with her personally engraved cross from 1902. Look at those hand cut faceted garnets!!! This is, in all my years of collecting rosaries, the most beautiful I have ever seen...

A really cool feature of this particular rosary is all of the souvenir medals from different parts of Europe that had been added to this piece from the past 100 years...

And now for the really good stuff!!! It's giveaway time again... Oh Happy Joy!!! I love giving away jewelry and here is the next piece up for grabs...
All you have to do is leave a comment anywhere on my blog and you will automatically be put into the drawing. I will personally draw (the good old fashioned way) the winner out of a hat the second week of June. So leave me a comment about anything you want and you will qualify!!! Can't wait to see who wins... Au Revoir and have a beautiful weekend!


lorraine said...

I am honored to leave the first comment....i just have to say...I AM IN LOVE WITH THE BLUE IMMACULATE MARY BOOK...INCREDIBLE!!!!
The Nun's Rosary is stunning...what a treasure...Your friend Misty certainly has a discerning eye and absolutely fabulous taste. no wonder you two are friends!
Looking forward to seeing your upcoming designs. I know they will be breath taking.
An avid fan...Lorraine

Howlerpost said...

I love the little compass! The second week of June is my birthday and I love the blue bead in this necklace. leaving for Destin May 20, hope to visit your shops! Pam

Anonymous said...

Hate to be a copycat, but I'm also in love with the little photobook and the compass! :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

So many beautiful pieces to create with - looking forward to seeing what you do with them. The necklace with the blue beads, and so many of the beautiful components, such as the book and compass are real treasures.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Kathy Barrick said...

How absolutely wonderful to have a friend picking for your in France!! I'm so jealous!! Your jewelry is spectacular and I've so enjoyed watching your new creations appear in your Etsy shop!

Happy, happy Mother's Day!


Christine Wallace said...

Thank you ladies so very much!!! Your comments are so inspiring to me, and I sincerely appreciate each and every one of them. Have a great week and I hope all had a fabulous mother's day!!!

Tracey said...

I was so delighted with my mother's day gift yesterday. My husband purchased the amazing bluebird necklace for me and I love it so much. I'll admit, I did drop massive hints, but I was really impressed that he actually signed up for Etsy and bought it for me! The bluebird is so precious. I love the little marcasite birds in your lovely new stash of treasures too, would love to see you create another amazing necklace with them. I'm so happy I found your shop!!
Best wishes,

Susan V said...

Lovely new creations! I'm so happy to finally be able to wear my Mother's Day gift. It is such a beautiful necklace. And I'm slowly gathering pieces for a custom piece too.