Sunday, September 1, 2019

Beaded Treasure...

Happy first of September everyone!👋...Three new pieces coming to the shop today. They all feature beautiful gemstone (some vintage, some new) sections along with some gorgeous focal treasures. Here's a little preview....

Meanwhile back at the ranch....the master bath is still coming along, but not yet finished. Ran out of wallpaper in the back shower have to order more of that!...and still looking for a nice shower curtain and matching drape for the window. Decided against Roman blinds because of the extremely narrow window frame, so curtains it will be! So in love with the wallpaper though, and my grandpa's vintage carved German deer heads. 
I think I kinda got an old French hunting lodge vibe going on!!!

Come see more of my gemstone collection later today in my Etsy shop! 
Happy September and for those of you on the East coast...Praying hard for you and that this hurricane will turn and make it's way far back out to sea! 
Stay safe my friends!!!

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