Sunday, March 29, 2020


Hello, hope everyone is staying well and healthy during these crazy, turbulent times. I also hope everyone is locking down in place until all this passes, and it will, and we will come out of it stonger and better than ever before. As for me, I have been loving being home and creating, after all....'Home' is my favorite place in the world! Created a new collection this past week entitled "Spring Lavaliers"...just being inspired by the beautiful weather and everything in the garden starting to unfold and wake up from its sleepy little winter. Just a fun fact about Lavaliers...."An Illustrated Dictionary Of Jewelry" by Harold Newman defines them as this:
A type of CHAIN worn around a woman's neck and from which is suspended one or more gemstones. Its name is probably derived from Louise de La Valliere (1644-1710), mistress of Louis XIV.

Come on over to my Etsy shop later today and see more of these pieces there!

I've also signed onto be a part of my friend Mary Kay's online art festival for the coming week....

Click this link to go and check out a wide array of artists participating including moi.....

The Momentum Art Festival, an online event featuring artists from Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Colorado, has been created in loving support of talented artists who have been dramatically affected by the coronavirus shutdown. Along with the recent closings of shops and galleries, there have also been cancellations of art festivals and events across the country, impacting designers and artists everywhere. Help celebrate these artists by connecting everyone you know to this event, visiting each online link to see more of their work, and purchasing what you love! Let’s start the MOMENTUM!
Each item you see in the show can be purchased by contacting the artists directly.

Thank you for stopping by...Please stay safe out there and remember during all of this craziness, there is a small blessing lying beneath...this forces us to slow down and take some time to smell the roses and be with the people that matter most in our lives. Sending love and light your way!!!

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