Sunday, July 12, 2020

Bees, Flowers, Lions And Tigers..

Hi blog friends! Just dropping in today to show you the new collection for this week! It's a big six piece collection that feature 3 pair of earrings and 3 fabulous statement necklaces featuring old vintage and antique lion head pendants and a big pearly bee. They're all still available and headed to my etsy shop in just a little while. You can always reach out to me early if anything interests you and for early bird (before etsy) pricing. Here's a little look....

Such gorgeous chains in these old pieces...

And hey guys...look at this amazing weather we are having up here in the mountains in the middle of July...

...and Yep, that thermometer reads 68° this morning of July 12th!!!
This Florida girl can't believe it! For the middle of July?!?! Wha? What?

This cool mountain air has my creative streak on fleek!😁😁😁😉
Come join me over in my Etsy shop later for more photos and info on the new pieces!

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