Thursday, August 26, 2010

The "Heartbeat"

I've had many professional bloggers tell me in the past not to use music on my blog. I must admit I was so confused when they told me this because I really love the music on my blog and felt it really complimented the message I was trying to convey. I thought uh oh, I've made the ultimate blogging no no. Well,  I have to tell you guys, that I will be keeping my music up with my blog. I really feel that it is what sets my blog apart from everyone else's blog. It sets a tone for what you are about to see and read on my blog. It gives my work/art a "heartbeat"! Fashion designers don't put on fashion shows without music, ice skaters don't skate to silence, so therefore, Christine doesn't post her blog without music. I guess what I'm really trying to say in a nutshell, is that art walks hand in hand with art. In every aspect of the artistic world beautiful art will always compliment other artwork. The fabulous "Louvre" would be a primary example of that. The selection of music that I have chosen for my blog are both expressive and personal favorites. I really felt that with Eva Cassidy's voice, something magical begins to happen and you are taken to another place. Basically, the most important thing that great art is supposed to do. So to all the bloggers that don't care for music on their blogs, try to look at it from my point of view or you can always press your mute button... friends please let me know how you feel about my music...would love to hear your opinions.
The angels from Heaven sang to me yesterday when I found this beauty!!!

I have wanted one of these beautiful antique vanity stands from France for a very long time now. And I just so happened to luck up on one the other day. They are from the 1800's and were used by brides to rest their tiaras and wedding veils on. They usually would have a glass dome to cover the whole piece to protect them from dust. Unfortunately the dome on this piece had long been gone. Notice the gorgeous little bird on top holding the little wreath. Don't you think this would be pretty to photograph jewelry on?

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