Sunday, July 7, 2019

Safari Soiree...

Happy July everyone! Hope your 4th was amazing and full of fun things and celebration! As for me, I've been staying quite busy with the house...there seems to be a new project lurking around every corner and some of them not so fun! Like for instance, re-locating the tiny bat family that was living under our shutters for the last several months. Cute and creepy little critters, but love having them around for the environment and would never dream of hurting them. 
I have managed to create a few new pieces this week and they all bring an African safari theme...I guess these mountains have inspired some far off destinations in my imagination. Can't complain about that...I've been needing some good inspiration as of late. Here's a peek at what's coming to my Etsy shop early this afternoon..

There's also been a lot of deck lingering lately...

...admiring all of the forest around us' beautiful and magical bounty...

...and staring at lots of rainbows.... Pinch me! I must be dreaming!!!

Thanks for stopping by my friends. 
Come see more of these new Safari inspired pieces in my shop early this afternoon.

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