Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Very Special Sunday

Do you ever have one of those occasions where you find yourself without your camera and you want to kick yourself? Well today was that day for me. Today I was baptized in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and brought nothing with me to document it. I guess I thought that since I was going to be dunked in the water I wasn't going to be snapping any pictures. Luckily the pastor who baptized me had his Iphone so I didn't walk away empty handed. Isn't that so cool, a pastor with an Iphone? The beaches were beautiful today. Not one sign of oil! Just tons of seaweed, that's why the water has a brownish tint to it. We were covered in seaweed after the service, so if you you see something dangling from my ear, it's not an earring. I did however wear my nun's cross necklace from 1912, that is super special to me. (that's the picture of it just above). I told the pastor I was going to wear it, so I could get a double blessing. The other girl in the picture got baptized just before me and my pastor is standing in the middle. He's such a great man! Well just thought I would share my special day with you, let everyone know that the water is fine down here, and wish you all a great week!

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