Friday, July 23, 2010

The Trade

"Lost at Sea" necklace

I told you in my previous post that me and hubby went to his 30th high school reunion this past weekend but I didn't fill you in on the really good part. Hubby told me that if I went to his reunion with him, we could spend a whole day antiquing around central Mississippi. Oh happy joy!! My heart sang and I squealed with delight! Little does he know I would have gone with him with or without antiquing, knowing that my 30th reunion is coming up in just a few years. Well we had a fabulous day full of great treasures! My favorite thing that we found was this great stereoscope with tons of viewing cards. I had been looking for one for years, since I had found a stack of really great viewing cards at an auction a couple of years ago. The cards I found at auction had some really great nautical themes, like the beautiful one with the sea coral on it. There also was a card with a palm tree forest on it. When you look at it through the scope it feels like you are in the middle of a palm tree grove. So cool!! I mostly bought jewelry, though. Because if you know me, I can't resist it. My work table looks like a rhinestone factory blew up on it. (ha ha). My favorite jewelry find for the week is the beautiful, vintage shell cufflink and watch fob set. So fun and cool, I've already used it in my latest design the "Lost at Sea" necklace. It's currently in my etsy shop, if you would like to see more pictures of it. Most of my fabulous finds came from this little old antique store in Hattiesburg called, "The Antique Mall" ...they had great stuff and great prices!! I've added a picture of the front of the store, so if you are ever in that neck of the woods you can drop by. It's definitely worth it...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the endorsement. We have been here for 11 years now and appreciate all feedback. Glad we could be of servce and that you found some treasures.
Claude Leaman
The Antique Mall
2103 West Pine St.
Hattiesburg, MS.