Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Childhood Friends

"Marlys, My Favorite Horse" necklace
"Victorian Powder Box" necklace

"Carved Antelope" necklace
"Me and My Best Friend" necklace

I've gotten several requests lately for horse jewelry, and I have to tell you that I absolutely love jewelry inspired by animals. Being the avid animal lover, I try to work them in to my jewelry any chance I get. I've made several pieces in the past inspired by dogs (our precious childhood friends), deer, elk, birds, and horses. I think that the bond we form with our animals, makes these pieces special and forever keepsakes. I plan in the near future to make a necklace inspired by one of my first dogs from my childhood... Corky. His memory brings me so much sentiment and that largely influences my creative process. I have posted this week, pictures of two of my new creations I have been working on lately and a couple of animal inspired pieces from my archives.The first two pictures are the new pieces and you can see more pictures of them on my etsy site. The last two pictures are from my jewelry archives. Hope you enjoy and until next time...honor life, by living!

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You have a great blog and I am proud of your hard work. S