Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hope and Prayers

This blog entry I am dedicating to my beloved town in which I live. Well actually it's dedicated to the whole Gulf Coast. We have seen some scary times here, times which I thought that I would never see in my lifetime. I was raised here on the gulf coast, and have always known this to be my home. Even when I went away for a few years to college, I longed for this wonderful place. This beautiful, serene place. Now, on this day, we live in fear that we may lose it. I have prayed, been baptized in our waters, begged God, and prayed some more that we will make it out of this ecological disaster. All we can do is wait, and have faith in our God, that He will prevail. He always has...this is what gives me the greatest hope of all. So with those words I am comforted in the notion that we can overcome! I leave you with some photos I've taken of my beautiful home from the past few years...

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