Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't Let the Cute Fool You...

To celebrate Halloween on my blog, I've decided to post some pictures of last year's most festive costumes. Since this year I will be too guessed it....'makin' jewelry', to partake in the costuming festivities, reminiscing will have to tie me over until next year.

Don't let the cuteness fool you...the costume above suits his personality.
He is the meanest Chihuahua on the planet. But I say that with the utmost affection!

          Bear is my sweet, sweet Pomeranian, so I found it only fitting that he have an angel costume.

Or is that an Olivia Newton John "Let's Get Physical" music video costume??

The cutest little witch I ever saw was my little 3 year old niece, Camryn. This was her first real Halloween and she really got into the candy aspect of it!

That's me in the center as a pudgy little Amy Winehouse. My sister is to my right and my brother-in-law is to my left. He did a great job on his own makeup!

And last but not least... this sweet little darling I just had to share with you. She is a miniauture Affon Pincher and is just completely adorable! We got a good laugh at these pictures because she looks like a little character from Sesame Street. She's all ready for Halloween!


Cat lux said...

Awww what a great post. That sure is a cute witch!!!!

Christine H. said...

I just had to tell you, I think the smartest dog I ever met was an Affenpinscher (maybe it's spelled different ways.) My next-door neighbor had one. We were sitting on my front porch and she sent the dog home with the command to bring back one of her shoes. The dog returned with a shoe. Then she said, "get the other one" and the dog went back in her house and came back with the matching shoe. This woman had a lot of shoes! The dog would always choose different shoes for the first one, but the second one always matched the first.