Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jewelry Fit For a Queen...

"Beautiful Queen"...This necklace was designed around the beautiful portrait of an old postcard of actress, Sandra Bernhardt depicting a queen. The image came from one of my new favorite Etsy stores, "French Kissed". If you get a chance, stop by this avid vintage postcard collector's store! You will not be disappointed, she has tons of beautiful nostalgic postcards.

"My Redeemer" Chandelier earrings. Inspired by the Redeemer Himself...they're made with Peruvian blue opal and vintage 1933 religious medals dipicting the Crucifixion of Christ. Very stunning earrings and very one of a kind!!!

Another special order bracelet for a customer who has lots of gorgeous French trinkets! It's great to have such fun stuff to work with like these beautiful French treasures!!

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Antique Jewelry said...

Beautiful portrait of a queen. This necklace is well designed by jewelry maker.