Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Excitement on the Homefront...

Before I get to the excitement around here, I just wanted to show you what I've been working on lately. This is my buckle bracelet of the week...

I will try to start posting at least one a week. I've got to start working on that buckle collection! If I don't, I just might be featured on one of those hoarding shows (ha ha).

Although the rhinestone piece that this bracelet is designed around is not a buckle, the piece was big enough to take centerstage in a design like an old buckle would have taken. This rhinestone piece is actually an old art deco dress clip! Pretty fabulous, huh? They just don't make those fabulous big pieces like they used too! I accented with a real old shell cameo, rhinestones, rose quartz, tourmaline, pearls, and garnets. You can see more pictures of this piece in my etsy store.

These little petite vintage steel cut French buckles are the perfect size for a fabulous pair of earrings! I draped vintage bezel cut crystals from the bottom of them to add some more sparkle. These are currently in my etsy store too. They would be great to wear for the holidays!

SICK.... what I was after my most favorite jewelry prop broke in pieces during my photo session of those French steel earrings. I was chasing a lizard around my bedroom, trying not to touch him and to get him out the door, (so he wouldn't starve to death in my room and because I just don't like killing anything) when my whole prop table turned upside down. Well I guess it's time to find another vintage alabaster bird bowl. The hunt
 is ON!

And finally for the excitement....
This is baby Milo. He is a 4 pound chihuahua that I rescued from our local animal shelter rescuer.
He is the sweetest dog ever, I have not heard him bark one time in the 3 days that he has lived with us!

Milo, living like the little prince that he is! Milo will never have to live in fear again of being abused or abandoned! We just are so in love with him, and he is going to make a great addition to our family.

...and he lives happily ever after, The End.

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