Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heavenly French Relics

I had been admiring this old red velvet and ceramic crucifix for a very long time in my favorite antique store, Antiques on Holiday, when I had decided it was time to go for it, and bring Jesus home! I plan to hang this gorgeous piece in my art studio, the spare room in my house which I am currently preparing to take over. (sorry hubby, but the weight bench will look fine in the garage!)

This piece is really neat, in the fact that it is actually an old abalone shell converted over to a holy water font. It comes from Notre Dame, the Holy icon is beautifully detailed and the irridescent colors of the shell are stunning!

These beautiful French mother of pearl rosaries are incredible relics too! I've never seen them as long and big as these magnificent pieces. The longest strand has the sweetest sterling puffed hearts and carved MOP fish  all throughout. Very unique, and I may have to leave it just the way it is, because it's just INCREDIBLE with all of it's exquisite details!
Don't you love the way the mother of pearl just glows and light ups with a little bit of light added to it.
They are Just Heavenly!

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