Saturday, November 13, 2010

An Incredible Journey...

Well my trip to Germany is only one week away, and I am so excited I can't stand it! My sister moved there with her husband and my adorable little niece about 6 months ago, and I think I have been more excited about the move than she has. Finally, a way to go see Europe and actually have family to stay with. I plan to make several trips while she is over there so I can do some serious antiquing for my jewelry stash. So stay tuned to my blog, because I will be posting pictures of my entire trip along with some beautiful treasures I uncover on our weekend trip to the Paris fleas and Eiffel Tower!!!
My "too cute for words" niece, Camryn.

New/old earrings in my Etsy store. I will be making lots of gorgeous, one-of-kind, affordable earrings and posting them here for Christmas...

The "Holy Dove and a Sacred Heart" Necklace. This piece is way more stunning on and in person. The handcarved mother of pearl vintage sacred heart, is 'to die for'!!! And the hand cut garnet links give this piece added vintage appeal, don't you think???? 

I've been having alot of fun making these old bangle bracelets lately. I've added vintage rhinestone pieces to old bangles and then attached antique medals and crosses to the sides. There will be more to come as Christmas approaches and they will only be available on my blog or through my local stores, as I will not be putting them in my Etsy store. Email me if you are interested in one!


Christine H. said...

Once again, beautiful creations. Have a wonderful trip. I hope the weather is decent. Viel Spass!

My Little Dutchess said...

Hey where did you take that pic of Camryn I do not even remember that?
We can't wait for you and Shannon to get here.
See ya next week.