Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Magical Place...

Our first day in Germany and we spent it in this beautiful little old village that looks like it belonged in a fairytale, complete with it's own castle on a hill, Bernkasel was a special, special place to experience!!!

Lookout Europe, the tourists have landed!!!
My adorable niece Camryn, my sister Catherine, the 'Real Air Force Housewife', and myself (sticking out like a sore thumb) on the nostalgic paths of Bernkasel village.

Bernkasel at dusk....

Camryn with her first tasting of 'bubble milk'
Bubble milk was yummy! It was steamed warm milk with bubble gum flavored syrup and pretty colored candy sprinkles on top. It was soooo delicious!!!
No sign of any vintage jewelry yet, but believe me, I'm looking! Tomorrow may prove promising, we're going to another little village called Trier. Stay tuned,  pictures are coming and I'll fill you in if I score any cool old pieces of jewelry!

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Christine H. said...

Oh Trier, how lovely. I have to admit, I am very envious right now. I can smell those roasting nuts and chestnuts from the markets (although maybe it's a little early?) What I would give even for a simple shopping trip to Kaufhof right now (husband calls it "cowpoke".) I hope you are having a fabulous time.