Thursday, September 16, 2010

All Work and No Play...

I hope I am not boring everyone out there with all this jewelry craziness...But seriously, buying, designing, and constructing it is all I seem to do these days. Luckily, I do enjoy it with all of my heart! I promise next post will be non-jewelry related. Maybe I'll go eat at Joe's crab shack, put one of those lobster hats on, and parade around the restaurant in some kinda crazy birthday song to someone I don't even know. And then I'll have my hubby document it all on my camera so everyone can have a good laugh. Hey, it would be quite a change from my previous blog posts, wouldn't it? Until crazy happens, here are some of my current designs that can be found in my stores and on Etsy...
The Holy Mary Keepsake Necklace... I just love these little chain-maille purses. This one is from Europe and is so sweet and small. Just big enough to put a memory inside of! I love the contrast of the gold-rimmed picture locket up against the silver chain-maille, I think it really makes the Holy Mary picture pop out from the purse. I attached the picture locket to a vinatge watch fob closure so you can take the locket off and add your own charm or locket to the front.

The French Sparrow Bracelet is made with a vintage signed French steel cut buckle. This piece is way more gorgeous in person. My pictures just don't do the beautiful buckle justice.

The Victorian Locket Necklace was such fun to make. It was one of those designs that all the components fell together like they belonged to each other in the first place. I love when a design comes together like that!

"Finding My Way". That cool old compass was found at auction. Very rarely do I ever find an old compass with such a detailed and beautiful face like this one.

French Cut Steel Earrings. I've been into the vintage French cut steel buckles lately. Ever since I saw a couple of friends wearing some as earrings, I've been obsessed with buying them...that is whenever I can find them!

These are soooooo gorgeous! Probably my new favorites to date! They're vintage French Lourdes religious medals with faceted tourmaline and Art Deco rhinestone links. Very unique, and one-of-a-kind! These just might end up in my jewelry box if no one buys them soon. They are available at the Destin antique market, Bienvenue! Well until next time my sweet friends...Au Revoir!

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