Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Heart Belongs to Paris

For me, one of the most fun type of necklaces to create, are the ones that have secret compartments and contain hidden trinkets or objects. I just finished the piece above..."My Heart Belongs to Paris" using an old vintage mother of pearl coin purse from Europe. I added a vintage Eiffel Tower brooch, a folded copy of an old Paris street map, and a 1959 Franc coin to the inside of the purse. What fun to create these little treasure pouches....
Above is one of my past favorites... The Secret Prayer Kit Necklace. I filled the inside of this vintage rosary box with an old enamel sacred heart pin, a copy of a vintage French prayer card, and the bottom part of an antique French wooden rosary with crucifix. I loved the secret surprise element of this necklace, and just knowing that there is a hidden meaning or message inside of these secret containers and purses is
fascinating to me!
You can see and read more about these necklaces... they are currently in my Etsy store.

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