Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Art Deco Wedding

I met a lady last spring who was as completely in love with art deco jewelry as I was. It's my absolute
all-time favorite style of vintage jewelry! This really sweet lady, with great taste, I might add, had commissioned me to design all of these fabulous art deco earrings for her daughter's wedding coming up next month. What you see here is just a small fraction of what I actually created for this spectacular event. 

The pieces in the boxes were converted from old pins and clips to beautiful, wearable, one of a kind art deco earrings for the bride's mother. We decided the sweet little Tiffany blue boxes (pictured in the background) would be a great added touch of elegance for the presentation of the bridesmaids earrings!

The beautiful large rhinestone dress clip earrings hanging in the center, are for the bride. They are really stunning in person! I may have to start a line of these fab pieces for my winter collection. The smaller earrings with the pearl briolettes are for the bridesmaids. What a nice and generous gift for all of the brides friends.

The art deco link bracelet in the center is another piece for the bride's mother! She deserves it, she worked hard on helping me gather and design all the pieces. This project was ongoing for 5 months and I just completed it today. Oh Happy Joy, time for a glass of champagne and a toast to the new bride and groom.


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Christine Wallace said...

Thank You Diamond Jewelry Store!

Cool Schmool said...

what a unique touch for a wedding.

lorraine said...

Tres Chic....stunning collection Christine..once again..I would wear every piece shown...Fabulous!

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