Sunday, September 26, 2010

French Souvenirs...

Oh my Lord, where oh where does the time go? It feels like just yesterday I finished my Art Deco wedding project, but it's actually been almost a week! Oh well, time flies when you're having fun, I guess. Here's a few little things I've been working on lately... oh and by the way, for all of you Francophiles out there, my sweet friend Misty will be bringing me back some goodies to work with from the Paris fleas in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned, I will be posting the jewels that she brings me right here first thing. If you see anything you really like, just contact me using the form on the right and we can design something with the Paris souvenir that you like. We can put our ideas together and design something fun and unique!!!

New piece I just finished using another chaine maille purse. I just love these little purses! I think the reason is, for one, they're just gorgeous, and second, I love the fact that you can slip a little keepsake inside of them to wear around with you, everywhere you go. How cool is that? This little purse is circa 1920's and is made by the nostalgic Whiting and Davis Company. You can find it in my Etsy store.

These are really sweet earrings. They are the "Art Deco Madonna and Child Earrings". I used old art deco rhinestone dress clips for the centerpiece of these sparklers.

"Art Deco Rhinestone Bee Earrings". These little and cute bees used to be old art deco pins.

"Mother and Her Best Friend" Necklace. This beautiful portrait locket came from France and has the most gorgeous vintage photo inside of it. It also has a vintage photo on the reverse side of another beautiful French woman with flowers in her hair.

This bracelet was actually commissioned by a lady that visits France often and lives in Atlanta. She had been collecting all of this fabulous Parisian jewelry over the years and wanted me to design her something with it. 
 I will be making her another bracelet and a necklace with the rest of her little jewels. She has a great eye for really beautiful French souvenirs. I hope she loves this piece as much as I loved making it!

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