Sunday, September 5, 2010

Auction Heaven

I just got back from one of my favorite shopping places on earth...Auction house! Oh, I had a blast picking out new treasures for future designs. I really love going to auction, it is so much fun bidding and everyone that runs the auction house is full of southern hospitality. Last night's auction was a success, I scored these goodies...
see that little medal in the center? It is so cool, whoever won it was participating in a potato race! It has the inscription on the back.

see the beautiful Elgin and Hampden pocket watches on the side?... They work!!
I was over the moon when I wound them and they worked!!!

I currently have an obsession going on with compasses... and Victorian pocket knives.
Knives??? I do not know why!!(LOL)

See the gorgeous Victorian mourning Cross locket in the foreground? That was the favorite score of the night, by far! The back is where you find the secret locket compartment...

Now, I need to get busy! Stay tuned, I will be designing some beautiful jewelry with these sweet treasures!!!

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